Flying Economy Class

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GST 825-07It would be great if we could all fly Business Class – or even Singapore Airlines Suites Class however I suspect not everyone has the $18k to fly a better than Business/First class seat. Perhaps when I make my 2nd million, I’ll give it a go. Check out their site by clicking on the link here.

So you’re resigned to flying economy class. It can be bad, but there are some rules you should follow. Some are just common sense…

Rather than get into more economy rules of etiquette as they can be found all over the place here are a few that I live by. So should you.

If you are planning on drinking a lot and will be getting up to use the washroom every 30-minutes – DO NOT book a window seat and inconvenience the people to your right or left. Pick an aisle seat.

business-insider-number-sevenEveryone hates the middle seat – but depending on the plane configuration (2-3-2 or 3-3-3 or whatever it is) if you’re on the window or aisle, please DON’T HOG the arm rests! What’s a guy in the middle to do? You can’t sit with your arms folded the entire trip. In fact according to Business Insider if you’re in the middle YOU get BOTH the arm rests. Hey it’s not me saying this…

…if you’re in the middle, and there are two guys on either side of you and you are decidedly hetro this is probably the only time ever that it’s OK to be touchy-feely with the guy(s) beside you. 😉

Oh yah – if you have kids, we know they can get ancy on a flight but please take care of them. During take off and landing, keep them in check. In fact keep them in check all the time.

If you are flying economy, please wear cologne, deodorant and antiperspirant. You probably don’t want to sit for 4+ hours next to someone that smells like they have not taken a shower for a month. Be kind to your flying buddy. Smell nice but don’t douse yourself, too much can be just as bad.

I’m an introvert. Leave me alone. I don’t mind a bit of small talk, but once I clam up – that’s a sign I’m done talking. If you’re the kind of person that can’t shut-up — learn how to. Thank gawd for the iPod and other electronic devices, I can simply wear my headphones and everyone leaves me alone. Thank You Sony for the Walkman. Thank You Apple for the iPod.

Do you have some rules that you live by? Share them!

…oh, and another great article on Gizmodo about flying first…